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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Visual Impact Muscle Building XXXXX White and red muscle XXXXX

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review
Muscles are of two types of people (depending on the type of muscle fibers) - "red muscle fibers" and "white muscle". Red muscle fibers have extremely high tolerance to stress, in this capacity they are sometimes called "marathon." White muscles are able to create a force super power, but for a short period of time, due to the fact that they are being rapidly depleted, hence the name of "muscle-sprinters."

The average data show that in every muscle of human white muscle fibers more at 23-24%. At the same time it should be noted that the number and proportion of different types of muscle fibers may be different for different types of people, and therefore will vary and the ability of the athlete bodybuilder: the strokes with a predominance of white muscle is well developed ability to carry out a short but very significant for the intensity of training in While the owners of " red muscle "can exercise without getting tired for much longer, while working with smaller weights.

Causes of muscle growth
It should be noted that regular bodybuilding training causes hypertrophy (thickening) immediately both types of fibers, both white and red , while the corresponding number of muscle fibers remains the same, indeed, throughout life, the number of muscle fibers in muscle mass.Only to an increase in the diameter of each muscle fiber coached muscles.

The increase in each of the fibers occurs at a millimeter, but with the increase of a million other fibers, a bodybuilder, and he gets the right amount. Many newcomers ask themselves, how to make muscles grow , the answer lies in the system and literacy Visual Impact Muscle Building training. And for this we must understand some basic approaches to training. bodybuilder who has the most red (endurance) muscle fibers will be much slower to gain their muscle mass, as his muscles to a much higher degree of resistance may be "stress" that occurs during  training. But not only these factors depends on the rate increase muscle . Current research in the field of bodybuilding and fitness, demonstrate that an important factor in muscle growth - anabolism - is the fact that the structure of the muscle fiber, or rather cells, which are the structural units of each type of muscle fibers.

This is the so-called "energy cell stations" - the mitochondria. In some people, their concentration is higher and hence the ability to get energy in the right moments earlier, and it depends on the strength of the muscles of a specific individual. In addition, another study suggests that the muscles of different people in different ways to absorb water, and in fact they are just 70-80% of it. In any event, a chance to pump up the muscles to have everyone, it all depends on your patience and desire to achieve results.


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