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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review - Downloading the muscles at home

I am regularly in the letters ask the question: "How to build muscle at home?". So I promised to write a post on this topic. I will cover the case where there is no absolutely sports equipment. Usually these questions are beginning. Pitching, good results are achieved at home, understand that we must go further and move into a suitable gym, loads of time with both the house is small. How to build muscles at home? I'll tell you how I did it.


Push-ups on the floor. Do them with the production of arms by 30 inches wider than your shoulders. If you reach 15 reps, then you should increase the load. To do this, ask your mother pressed her hands to the floor of the blades. The load should be created such that it was possible to do 6 to 12 repetitions. Push-ups you can do both with an emphasis socks on the floor and feet, with an emphasis on the hill, like a sofa. So you can work on different parts of the pectoral muscles. And, of course, the boards! Almost every yard has bars and horizontal bar. Adjust the load as well as in push-ups. Dips as well load the triceps .


With his back harder, we need a horizontal bar. I once built his house, hooked up to the ceiling pantry. Wide grip pull-ups to perform to his chest and reverse grip. Pull-ups as well load the biceps and rear delts.


For training the shoulders, I used 6 liter bottle, which sells water. They have a handle. With them, I performed in front of the ups and dilution in the party. How do I perform, see the exercise. Adjust the load of water cans.


Biceps can be trained by the same bottles for water. Perform curls while standing or sitting, to issue curls with dumbbells. How do I perform, see the exercise.


For training triceps a great exercise - push-ups on the floor by a narrow grip, narrower than shoulder width. When you reach 15 reps, ask someone to put pressure on the back.


On the home leg workout really tight. You can do an exercise with the school program "pistol" - a squat on one leg, holding on to a wall or other support. The only caveat - do not squat very low to avoid overloading the joints.


Keep twisting, lying down or lifting the legs while lying down. Do the exercises until the burning sensation in the press, and then stop the exercise. 
main thing to remember! The range of repetitions per exercise from 6 to 12 reps to failure! That is, on the last repetition should occur refusal. Heavy training to carry out every two weeks for each group of muscles ! In between the hard training to do the lungs (50% of maximum load). Breaks between sets to do no less than five minutes! Remember the cardinal rule - the load should increase with each heavy workout (add water to the banks, more pressed to the floor in push-ups, etc.)! From this it follows that soon, when the force will grow, will have to find the right gym. 

Visual Impact Muscle Building training program at home. the first week of Monday, Friday - heavy training the second week Monday, Friday - light workout Monday 1. Pullups wide grip 2x6-12 2. 2x6 reverse grip pull-ups-12 3. Push-up classic 2x6-12 4. Push-ups (feet on the couch) 2x6-12 5.Elevations hands before a 2x6-12 6. Dilution in the hands of 2x6-12 Friday 1. Curls with Bottles 2x6-12 2. Pushups narrow formulation of the hands of 2x6-12 3. "Pistol" 2x6-12 4. Twisting lying 3 - 4 sets up burning two months to carry out three sets already in the activity for the next two months. Then take a break - do not train at all for two weeks. Then you can resume training at the outset.

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