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Friday, 7 September 2012

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Training principles and schemes in muscle building

This methodological foundation of muscle building . They bred generation 70 - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Dave Drapper ... Today these methodological principles are advancing today's "stars". Here is a mini-interview with the professional elite in one - the only thing: what principles they hold to the principal. Surprisingly, you will not find matches. Each has its own methodological arsenal. That's the right lies the greatness. As if the universe she embraces everyone ..
Ronnie Coleman
In terms of training, I - a conservative, I do not like to change anything. I have one and the same pattern of training in the off season, and the day before the competition. The effect is that the complex of my exercises - basic in essence - a high level of intensity - particularly through the use of special training principles . Tell us about them in detail go to  Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review.
The principle of the system sets. This training concept was born in opposition to security forces known postulate that, they say, repetition should be smaller. But the cornerstone of the training bodybuilders - a lot of training, one set us clearly enough.But in itself the principle of the system sets no one understands how "the more, the better." Here it is much thinner. The method of introspection must choose an optimal number of sets. Personally, I have enough of 02.03 set on the exercise. I used to do 3-4 sets and did not grow. Then it hit me that the fourth, and often third sets for me useless. For the first two sets, I work hard so that the remaining sets are really not strong enough - whether physical or mental. I used to do 2-3 exercises per muscle.Well, when reduced the number of sets per exercise, was able to do already with 3-4 exercises. This greatly benefited the business, because muscles are more like a versatile load. The same thing I advise everyone: Moderate number of sets. The more uniform sets, the more mental fatigue from training. It is better to give everything to the limit in two sets, and then add 2 sets of another exercise than "Dolby" 4 identical sets of the same.
When preparing for a competition, I use the method trisetov . It's simple. For example, in the off-season you chose for himself the three most effective exercises and do them one by one. Well, now we have to do on each Setu without rest. Trisety little work for a lot, but give an amazing separation. However, we must make a reservation. Usually, trisetov weight reduced. Like, otherwise triset not win. I have a different approach. Everything should be left in place. What kind of weight you train in the off season, and so do trisety. All as the base period: slow movement, adjusted, for the full amplitude ...
The principle of "shock" is also part of my arsenal. I use it if I feel that the muscle "stagnant", used to load. That's when she needs a shake-up single, shock. Take for example the delta. I'm doing four sets of lifts in a row to the side without a pause.Every time I grab heavier dumbbells. If the first set I have twenty five reps, in the last - eight. In fact, the methods by which you can "shock" the muscle, a lot. The main thing is to apply the technique (training principle) time.

Roland Kikindzher: Slowly, more slowly

Roland Kikindzher
My favorite training principle - combined sets . It is extremely simple: doing two different exercises for the same muscle group at a time. For example, for chest I combine inclined bench press bar to "failure" on the line and breeding bench. What is the secret? First, the second exercise is not necessary to bring to limit muscle fatigue. End the set for 1-3 to repeat "failure." If the same strain in both exercises, your mind quickly "sintered". Second. Can not be combined anyhow what exercises.Try different combinations, and you'll be surprised to find that they will act differently: some better, some worse. This is explained by individual anatomical features.Remember the principle of works by a successful "coincidences" exercises. Your task - to choose for themselves the "best" combination. And when it has, do not stop. Cargo in full, only forward! Try a combination of deltas: first heavy presses then immediately climbs dumbbell in front of you (you can turn).
In bodybuilding there is such a thing - "details." This is manifested when the smallest muscle. If the muscles 'detailed' side seems like a bodybuilder twice different muscle than the average person. Here, in my opinion, the best method - the principle of continuous reduction . Doing exercise with dumbbells or on the block, I overcome the weight very slowly, focusing on every inch of the trajectory. Consciousness and muscle seem to merge into one. No hint of inertia. After the first repetition, the muscle poured unbearable burning, but we must endure. The main thing - to withstand all the repetitions in a given slow motion!
I believe that for bodybuilders of all levels are equally important training principle of priority . In short this is the essence of it. Each muscle is weak by nature. That's it and have to "handle" in the first place. Otherwise, the muscles that are easy to respond to a load, go ahead and on the principle of contrast puffed out your weaknesses. Why muscle behind? The reason is simple: it is less nnnervirovana nerve fibers. That's how: in some muscle fibers more, some less. (By the way, because of this, you are bound to have some very "strong" muscle.) So lagging muscle training should be put in the beginning of training, when the nervous energy you have in abundance. Even if you are new, standard set for beginners need to "reshape" to put your number one "weak" muscle. Usually small muscles are weak - Delta, biceps, calves, abs. That's why - I do not advise to train small muscles with large. It is better to spread the training on different days.

Shawn Ray: Rule instinct

Shawn Ray
On the eve of the competition I go to a drop-sets . I do 3 sets for 10 reps of no pause to rest, gradually reducing the weight. Per workout I do three sets of drop-on muscle, and each time it grows in the complication of the first set triseta. This technique I practice all the 17 years of training. He gives a strong separation (separation) of muscle bundles. It is clear that it must be applied where there is a need, in particular, in fact, consist of 4 four individual muscles.
As for the off-season, there is for me the main thing is the principle of instinctive training . In theory, it means that you are training in feeling. You come to the gym without a plan. You seriously do not know what will be trained. Everything is resolved in the process. Suppose you intuitively feel that it is necessary to pump up the delta.But yesterday you shipped back, so that the rear beam you have worked hard. So, it is necessary to exclude from the complex all the exercises for the back of the beam - now they will not come. In particular, do not go and basic presses. Then what is left? Purposefully "hit" by the average beam and on the front. Next time I might be training delta quite different if the day before I strenuously "Georgia" chest. In this case I have to make a major emphasis on the rear of the delta, but the front and do not have to touch the middle - after bench presses is useless. However, the choice of exercise - this is only one aspect. And then there is the level of intensity where you feel it is clear that today you have to give everything your best. But yesterday, you, on the contrary, deliberately gave myself some slack. It is clear that the instinctive training is possible only after many years of service. However, even for beginners, I suggest to try this method for 3-6 weeks for training thrashing rhythm. In the end, one must learn this once! Basically, all the success in bodybuilding comes to the ability to "tune" the training personally for themselves.
And here's my very own gadgets. I choose the 20 most effective exercises for the same muscle group. Then divide them into groups of 4 exercises each. In the end, I get a cycle of five different exercises for the same muscle. These workouts I spend 2 weeks with brutal intensity, never repeating. Muscle gets the bomb load! The main outcome of the cycle - the muscle bursting in all directions, which is called "completely." I advise everyone to try, especially for lagging muscle groups.

Mike Matarazzo: A solid foundation

Mike Matarazzo
Pyramid Principle - my favorite training principle in bodybuilding. In the offseason, I have it has a classic look. First I warm up with a light weight. Then step up to the weight of the set Setu. But on the eve of the competition, I use a special version. I perform the first set with a light weight to an absolute muscular "failure." For the second set, I take the weight limit. Back to the "failure". Then I take a middle weight, and again I bring up a set of "no." But between sets I did not rest for a second. Try it!Great works in the background diet, when, it seems, does not have power.
There is another good method. Personally, I told him about Joe himself Uayder. I call him by the "solid foundation" , now you'll understand why. Weight with which we work in training - serious. Bodybuilder can be compared with tower crane lifting concrete blocks. In order not to tip over, to keep his balance, you need a firm stand.But this just takes away the forces that could be used for weight lifting. That's what I advised Joe: find a posture in which the balance of you can forget. For example, he gave me Arnold, who dilution slope always done sitting. So from then on I never hurry to begin the exercise. I kept going, I save his strength for weight lifting. In particular, the rise of the biceps standing barbell I always do, leaned back on the vertical rack simulator. Shorter poraskinte head popridumyvayte options such exercises that would save you from unnecessary waste of power to preserve the balance.
Another principle of training , which I also widely used is called "forced reps" . It is wonderful that a more effective way to build muscle is simply not in the world.However, with one exception. Usually with a partner in the set finishing off somewhere 03.02 forced reps. But this is not enough, not enough. Doing exercise - any type of movement is not important - I ask a partner to help me make the most of your muscles after 5.8 more repetitions of "no"! So, I make the muscle work is not something that at the limit, and beyond the possible! "Forced reps" conclusion to an unprecedented level of training - both in volume and intensity. And I always put a high intensity at the forefront. This, I believe, in the training thing.

Lena Johansson: Super supersets

Lena Johansson
I use the method of supersets . Superset - is the fulfillment of one Setu two different exercises one after another without a break. Moreover, the second set, is always aimed at the muscle with opposing functions. For example, first you make the Curl, and then press down on the block for the triceps. I believe that this device is ideal for women who are interested not only in muscle mass, as in the elastic and filled forms. Supersets are especially good for training the largest muscles. Large muscles, I also wanted to train as well, but gave up the idea. Too hard, just try, to pass without a break from the bench for infants to the links for the back.
In any case, supersets - irreplaceable thing for women. Especially with the lack of time.
Extremely useful, I think the principle of cyclic loading . Content is reduced to the principle of cycling periods with different levels and the nature of the load. For example, 3-6 weeks, you are training hard at the gym, but at least doing aerobics.Then you reduce the load in the room for 3-6 weeks and the "hit" on aerobics. Then you spend 3-6 weeks "field" training - running around in the air, pedal bike, run on rollers, etc. Then you start a new cycle. Why is all this necessary? The fact is that our bodies are very quickly get used to the monotonous form load. Well, it means the end of any changes in the body. If you seriously want to improve your figure, you have to apply the "hits" on its shortcomings from various sides. The principle of cycling - it is purely scientific discovery. Its effectiveness is proven experience of thousands of fitness athletes. Will train another, wasting time and energy was at a loss ...


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