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Saturday, 1 September 2012

somanabolic muscle maximizer review -- Exercises for back muscles

There were times when the world knew only one bodybuilder - Arnold Schwarzenegger. And a training methodology called System Arnold. Today, with the hindsight of decades training recommendations greatest bodybuilder XX century seem unnecessarily intense. And so controversial. Modern scientific experience "pump" suggests many counterarguments against the huge grueling loads. Especially, when it comes to biceps - a relatively small muscle, in addition overloaded indirect effects of exercises on the chest and back. However, it's worth looking at the photo, documented accurately depicting the hands of Arnold, like all defenses crumble to dust ...

It is well known that the biceps can "pump up" only flexures arm at the elbow. This movement has many embodiments, which are divided into two groups. The first includes bending, in which a dumbbell or barbell move at full amplitude, and the second - a movement in which the complication of moving on the trajectory, while the elbow resting on the fixed support. These different forms of exercise have different effect on the biceps. The total amplitude is developing the "masses", limited - "relief", separation and peak. When I came to California, Larry Scott was in his zenith with his theory of the "pumping" of "mass" biceps with a music stand. I do not know, maybe I'm made ​​of different stuff, but the music stand in the sense of "mass" I absolutely nothing. I was left to his own opinion: fixing elbow sets the shape biceps, and only. the "masses" My Program "pump" biceps begins with "chitingovogo" the curl with a barbell. At the beginning of the movement the bar is resting on the front of the thighs, shoulder-width grip. To move gave out, use heavy. However, when the arm is straightened, to shift a heavy barbell from the start is almost impossible. If you still try to do so at the expense of a strong-willed efforts, 90% of the load will not in itself biceps, not the bottom tendon. Traumatic impact will be greater, the greater the weight.

It is unlikely that you will tear the tendon on the first try, but microtrauma, albeit intangible, will be. 5-6 workouts you will feel at the bottom of a small bunch of bicep pain, and a couple of workouts grow to unbearable pain. Everything on the "pumping" of the biceps you have to put an end, as in all the basic movements, in which the biceps is involved in passing: bench press, inclined bench press, barbell pulls the belt in the slope, the unit pulls the belt sitting behind his head and chest ... In other words, the biceps injury paralyzes the most important area of your overall training - on the chest and back. 's why I'm doing the curl with the "cheating." Due to the small muscles of the efforts of the whole body, I slightly "tosses" the bar, and then "catch" it above the "dead" area. Then I do lifting sheer biceps - no "cheating"! I return back to the bar slowly, under full control. 5.8 I am doing sets of 8-12 reps.
I asked a range of sets based on the vibrations being. You can not train for every practice the same way. Muscle tone jumps from varying degrees of recovery. One day you rest better, some worse. If you try to do an extreme number of sets in the background of a low tone the biceps, the "weakness" of the muscles will move the load on the ligaments and eventually to their injury. So-called "strong-willed" training is in fact true path to injury tendons. You need to carefully listen to yourself, to precisely tailor the load to the actual physiological potential for muscle-specific training. My second exercise - lifting dumbbells for biceps, drawing back. Recommend a slight deviation from the vertical back of the bench - no more than 25-30 degrees. I cant back below - for all 45. With this slope at the start of the biceps are the strongest pre-stretch. The stronger the muscle is stretched, the more muscle fibers are involved in its reduction - a proven law of physiology. So the ups with the back rest - an exercise that builds the "masses." Total 8.5 sets per exercise of 8-12 reps. The exact number of sets and repetitions depends, as I pointed out, the level of my energy.


  1. This is a great informational article. I had no idea that you really had to focus on more than one muscle group to have your exercises be effective. My boyfriend just bought the muscle maximizer system. So far he's gaining more muscles daily. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. One of the main causes of accidents and disability in the elderly is falling which usually happens by abnormalities of balance, muscle weakness, visual disorders

  3. Building and gaining muscle is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to exercise and training. It takes pain and dedication and not only do you have to be super motivated, but it can also be so easy to put so much work in and get nothing back.

  4. nice Exercises for back muscles

  5. The strong lifts system advocates heavy weights and low repetitions that put considerable stress on the musculo skeletal structure, emphasizing the need for proper technique to reduce the risk of injury.


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