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Friday, 7 September 2012

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer +++++ Tips on training trapezius and deltas from King Kamali

• Before every workout, I emphasized long warm up. Speaking specifically about the delta, I take dumbbells at 5kg and doing bench presses with them, rises through the sides and front of him, until I feel that the delta full of blood got hot and dense. This is a signal to the fact that you can begin to stretch. I stretch-five minutes, but without much strain. I - not a yogi. I just need a good flexibility of the shoulder joints.
• If you have the delta grow poorly, add volume. Do more repetitions. Try drop-sets: Set to make a muscle "failure", then reduce the weight by 10-15% and again bring the delta to "failure."
• I am a strong supporter of 'partnership' in the training, but a good partner can not everyone. Need a guy with a fanatical spirit, about the same age with you and the same constitution. He should not miss workouts. But most importantly - it's creativity in a person. Together you have to find the right method of training, which is given only to the experimental method and mutual observation. In short, the guy must be a brain, and it is a rare gift of bullies in our time.
King Kamali (King Kamali)
• I am convinced that in the set for the delta must be at least 15-20 repetitions. I myself get to a "failure" is already in the 12-14 repetition, well then, helps me a partner. I'm in the mood "recruit" to 20 repetitions.
• To exercise was held at the five-plus, you need a high mental tone. If I go to the gym and feel that is not ready to give all the best at 100 percent, I simply displace to workout. On such a day, I'll do better to take a rest or aerobic training. I am relaxed and wait until I come back to the "appetite". I have no fixed schedule for the training.This approach has saved me from over training, as the low tone of the mind - it is always a symptom of muscle fatigue. It is better to wait. Let the muscles come to themselves with  Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer.

Bench sitting in a simulator

King basically presses against the rod. What's the use wasting time on balancing the bar? Simulator where the "practical." It allows you to fearlessly take a really big weight and concentrate fully on the bench. In addition to the simulator easier to maintain proper technique. This means that it is necessary to reap the ears, not below. At the top of your arms should be bent at the elbows. If you squeeze the weight on straight arms, will remove the load from the delta traps. So let it be a shorter range. Commentary: "The secret is to do a lot of repetitions, at least 15-20 on a set. The weight should be a limit ".

Breeding in the slope

Bend at right angles. In the original position holding the dumbbells in front of the lower legs, then powerful arms out in an arc upwards, elbows are slightly bent. How high "bully" dumbbells? To the level of the ears, not above! Remember, no dumbbell swings! To help eliminate inertia, his arms very slowly.


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