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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Somanabolic Muascle Ups dumbbell in hand

To broaden your shoulders, you probably have already tried more than one version oflifting dumbbells in hand . This is the right approach. These upgrades increase the average delts, which is just asking shoulders visual width. Standing, sitting on blocks with dumbbells in a simulator - a lot of options, but which one to choose? I suggest you the most "killer" version - rise through the side of the body with the slope.

Ups dumbbell in hand arguments "for":

Additional load

Exercises that you do with two hands - a good thing. However, if you take to do the same exercise with one hand and then find that you can pick up more than half of the previous weight. What happens? "One-armed" exercises more effective? The unequivocal answer is not here. At the stage of the pump total muscle mass of the body to do the basic moves. Clearly, in both hands. Such exercises are forced to work large muscle arrays. However, the appearance of muscle formation in the spirit of the magazine pictures without the "one-armed" exercises impossible. You need to aim and at the same time a shock effect on the muscle, and this is easier to achieve by doing the exercises in 'unilaterally'. Try doing leg presses with one leg, and you will immediately appreciate the advantage of this method.


You certainly know how to perform "standard" lifts dumbbells in hand - knees bent, chest out, back straight. All this is correct, the way it should be. But if we look closely, you can see how you could not help, just a little help yourself down as 'twitch' shoulders, and the inertia of the "connect" - waving dumbbells. As a result, exercise great loses effectiveness. But slanted version completely excludes traffic and legs and upper back, and inertia, leaving the deltoid "alone" with weight. This here "sverhizolyatsii" your shoulders, perhaps, not enough!


Everyone knows that the effectiveness of the exercise "tied" to the amplitude. The larger it is, the better. In any case, standing and sitting you lift the dumbbell at a right angle. If you tilt the body, the angle of ascent to grow by about 10-15%.Moreover, it is the amplitude of the increment in the upper section. If you try to raise the arm above the horizontal, in a standing position, then your delta solidly "help" trapeze. But in the situation of the whole slope will increase the load on the working delta. And, above the horizontal delta work especially "uncomfortable" for anatomical reasons. The impression is as if suddenly potyazhelela dumbbell. Moreover, this "virtual" weight gain is very high. Scientists estimate that the rise of dumbbells weighing 14 kg with a detachable stand is the same with the ups with dumbbells 22.7 kg! 
To you it was easier to learn this move, break it into four stages.


  1. To broaden your shoulders, you probably have already tried more than one version of lifting dumbbells in hand . This is the right approach. These upgrades ...

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