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Monday, 3 September 2012

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review """""""""How much rest between sets?

What is the difference between the lifter and bodybuilder? In the technique, exercise, number of sets and reps, you say. Error! It's not in it! All the difference - in a different time of rest between sets! In order to "pump up" the "masses" need to rest 20-120 seconds, the power - 2-10 minutes! Know Exercise type, number of reps and sets are not a key factor in bodybuilding. So they become a factor only in combination with a fixed value of the interval of rest between sets! Rest between sets - this overriding training stimulus that is similar to street traffic controller directs action burdening either side of the "masses", either in the direction of force.

Many bodybuilders Failed lightly stretch rest between sets. In this case, they do not realize that exercise on an alien method powerlifters. That's is the reason for their failures! After their training represent a tedious power program. But such training does not raise "a lot!" So, in order to increase muscle rest between sets should be no more than 2 minutes, in order to increase the power - at least 2 minutes. Throw a brief look at the science. Where muscle takes energy for its reduction? From itself! Energy is given by the two substances, "banked" directly in the muscle fibers. But only enough for 30 seconds of muscle tension. Next come into play other energy sources - lactic acid and oxygen. True, they are much slower. While they swing, time to re-synthesize ATP in the muscle. Clearly, weightlifters and other athletes who need explosive energy, to rest between sets as much as you need to re-accumulation in the muscle more info Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review.

After all, only adenosine triphosphate provides a powerful explosive muscle contraction! this follow two basic rules. First, if you want to "pump" effect, set, should not last longer than 30 seconds. Second, rest between sets should be no less than 2 minutes. Strictly speaking, the complete restoration of muscle ATP occurs after 3 minutes, but the Methodist Board increased relaxation to 5 minutes or more. As muscle "mass", here is the opposite. Set must be time to ATP stores completely depleted. At the same time interval of rest should be reduced to a minimum, so as not to give your muscles build up a new supply of ATP. This will force including other mechanisms of energy supply. Input will glycogen, glucose and fat. In other words, the builder has to start a new set before the muscle is fully recovered. This is the secret of the growth of muscle "mass"! I must say that a time-out vacation on hours rather tedious. Much easier way, coined coaches Soviet athletes in the era of a famous sports confrontation of East and West.

True, it requires a portable Heart Rate Monitor. It turns out that the pace of recovery is quite possible to trace the muscles of his own pulse. After doing set pulse is lifted to 200 beats per minute. He then begins to decline, returning to its normal rhythm. When the pulse will be 100-110 beats per minute, you need to take a new set! must be emphasized that this technique is only suitable trained bodybuilders. For starters, individual variation of heart rate is too wide. In addition, the rate of return is not the same pulse to the initial parameters. It depends on the level of overall physical fitness beginner. Arnold in his "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" gives the following explanation: "Try to reduce the interval of rest between sets to one minute or less. The meaning of this step is that the tired and not had time to relax muscle force involved in the work of fresh muscle fibers ... ". While Arnold modestly silent about what weight exercises should also be reduced. How could it be otherwise? After intentionally organized shortage of ATP in the muscle means reducing its power capabilities. Such is the paradox of the scientific body building, to become more, you need to become a little less


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